Reports back for 2005-06 Final Budget Hearings


District Attorney: 
Sheriff’s Department: 
Sheriff Department and County Executive Office: 

Sheriff, District Attorney, and Probation facilitated by County Executive’s Office:


Department of Airports: 
Economic Development and Intergovernmental Affairs: 
  • Suggest ideas regarding phasing-out Property-Based Business Improvement District’s (PBID) from TOT funding (for TOT Hearing).
  • Provide information regarding benefits received from Federal Technology Center (for TOT Hearing).


Department of Health and Human Services: 
Department of Human Assistance: 
  • Detail request to reallocate base budget appropriations for other professional services, funded by Proposition 172 revenues, to instead offset additional requests for Kiosk Reporting Program with added Gang Suppression Unit staffing (identify where other professional services were budgeted and for what purpose).


Employment Records and Training: 
General Services: 


Animal Care and Regulation: 

Neighborhood Services:

  • Provide information regarding costs to establish Arden-Arcade Office as a full-time staffed operation.
  • Provide information regarding direct funding of Neighborhood Services Department in the General Fund instead of TOT Fund (for TOT Hearing).

Planning and Community Development: 
  • Provide more detailed information regarding the recommended Commercial Corridor Study allocation of $500,000 and how the use of those funds might be specifically directed to achieve results in Fiscal Year 2005-06, identification of specific projects that will be addressed within Fiscal Year 2005-06.
  • Provide information regarding Fair Oaks Neighborhood Preservation Study cost of $10,000 and ability to absorb the cost within their existing recommended appropriations.

Regional Parks, Recreation and Open Space: 
Department of Transportation: 
Departments of Transportation, Water Quality and Water Agency:
Department of Waste Management and Recycling:
  • Provide information regarding potential funding required/alternatives for funding sources to increase efforts on curbing illegal dumping; which funds could conceivably be budgeted as a contingency in the Final Budget pending results of a workshop on October 25, 2005.