5-Year Budget Summary

​Total Budget​Total General Fund​Net County CostCurrent Full Time Employee
FY 2014-15​$3.7B​$2.2B559.7M​​11,685
​​FY 2015-16​3.8B2.3B​591.5M11,988
​​FY 2016-17​​3.9B​​2.4B612.9M​​12,186
​​FY 2017-18​​4.2B​​​2.5B 652.7M​​12,315
​​FY 2018-19​​4.5B2.8B710.7M​12,425.2​
General Fund
The major countywide fund. The fund is used to account for all financial resources, except those required to be accounted for in another fund such as rates for water and garbage service.
Net County Costs

Departmental appropriations less all available departmental revenues. Departments receive an allocation of their share of the County's discretionary resources to cover their net County cost. In other words, these are the portion of the department general fund spending limit (appropriation) for which the County must cover the cost.