Reports back for 2008-09 Recommended Proposed Budget Hearings


 1.  Assessor - Property Taxes on Foreclosed Properties
 2.  Sheriff’s - Department Fiscal Year 2008/09 Budget Reduction Plan 


 1.  OBDM - General Purpose Revenue Estimates
 2.  OBDM - Provide Detail on Retained Earnings & Reserves
 3.  OBDM - Retiree Medical and Dental Costs
 4.  OBDM - IHSS Task Force
 5.  OBDM - Amount needed to Bridge Reductions to September
 6.  County Counsel - Contributions by SCAS to County General Fund
 7.  Criminal Justice Cabinet - Violation of Probation In Lieu Night Court Pilot Project
 8.  Economic Development – TOT Hearing Relating to Special Projects Fund Support

 9.  Criminal Justice Cabinet – Mental Health Court Evaluation 1st Year 


 1.  Finance - General Business License One-Half Fee Reduction for Qualifying Veterans 


 1.  Child Support Services - 25% Recoupment Money
 2.  Coroner - Transportation of Decedents from Death Scenes to Coroner Facility 

 3.  DHHS - Restoration List 

 4.  DHHS – Correctional Health Services Registry Use
 5.  DHHS - Capital Health Clinic Neighborhood Issues
 6.  DHHS - First 5 and Mental Health Services Act Funding for the Unmet Need for Public Mental Health Services for
Children 0-17 Years of Age

 7.  DHHS - Cutting programs that are heavily subvented
 8.  DHHS - Community Based Organization Impacts as a result of Budget Reductions 

 9.  DHHS - IHSS Cost Control
10. DHHS - Birth & Beyond/Differential Response Services with Decrease in Funding
11. DHHS - Being Made Between Health and Human Services, Human Assistance, and District Attorney to improve Fraud Investigations in the In Home Supportive Services Program
12. DHHS - Savings result from placing Foster Children in Permanent Placement Homes 

13. DHHS - After-Hours Calls Coverage in the Public Guardian Conservator Office and APS 24-Hour Coverage 


15. DHA - Prioritization of Restorations
16. DHA - Community Based Organization Impacts as a Result of Budget 



1. Animal Care and Regulation - Operational Impacts of Reducing and Deleting the Mobile Spay and Neuter Clinic